BOUSIINNE is a Spanish high quality handbag brand inspired by the Mediterranean. Each of our models is designed and handcrafted in Spain. We use a combination of natural raw materials, textures, colours and shapes, which make each of our models, unique pieces.

Moreover, we look after our unique and beautiful planet following the “SLOW FASHION” philosophy, handcrafting in limited units, using natural or recycled raw materials and eliminating the use of plastic in the production.

Our designs are creative, unique and special. They follow a timeless aesthetic with geometric shapes and a retro-vintage style. In addition to this, the high quality raw materials used for the production of each model as: cow eater and fur, lambskin, suede leather and natural wicker, make each of our model last forever.

“BOUSIINNE is the result of hard work, desire, excitement and love. BOUSIINNE is a feeling, a memory and dreams. It is the Mediterranean. It is Spain and its craftsmanship. It is security and strength. We believe that rules are made to be broken. At BOUSIINNE we want to share our positive energy following you in your daily adventures, wherever you are, whatever you do. BOUSIINNE is for real, unique and special women. BOUSIINNE is for you.”

Adriana PB