BOUSIINNE is an accessory fashion brand inspired by the Mediterranean. Each of our models is designed and handcrafted in Spain. We use a combination of natural raw materials, textures, colours and shapes, which make each of our models, unique pieces. Moreover, we look after our unique and beautiful planet following the “PLASTIC FREE” philosophy, eliminating the use of plastic in the production.

BOUSIINNE was created from a dream and a passion, which began in 1991, when its founder, Adriana P.B. was born. Her passion and admiration for the fashion world since she was a child, took her to specialize professionally in the fashion industry, working for renowned brands. In 2018, with the wish of sharing her personal fashion vision with the rest of the world, she decided to create her own accessory fashion brand.

“BOUSIINNE is the result of hard work, desire, excitement and love. BOUSIINNE is a feeling, a memory and dreams. It is the Mediterranean. It is Spain and its craftsmanship. It is security and strength. We believe that rules are made to be broken. At BOUSIINNE we want to share our positive energy following you in your daily adventures, wherever you are, whatever you do. BOUSIINNE is for real, unique and special women. BOUSIINNE is for you.”