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BOUSIINNE was created from a dream and a passion, which began in 1991, when its founder, Adriana Plaza was born. Her passion and admiration for the fashion world since she was a child, took her to specialize professionally in the fashion industry, working for renowned brands.

In 2018, with the wish of sharing her personal fashion vision with the rest of the world, she decided to create her own fashion brand in her home town Murcia, Spain.


BOUSIINNE is a Spanish high quality handbag brand inspired by the Mediterranean.

Each of our models is designed for and by women. They meant to be loved and lived in for seasons and years to come and will be available much more than a single season.

Our collections are proudly 100% handcrafted in Spain in small batches. We use a combination of natural and sustainable materials, textures, colours and shapes, which make each of our models, unique pieces.

For this reason, BOUSIINNE is a special, different and unique brand.

In less than a year we have been featured in publications including Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Vanitatis, Dmoda, El attelier, BFace, Walkraft and others.

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Our designs are creative, unique and special. They follow a timeless aesthetic with an elegant retro-vintage style. In addition, every single BOUSIINNE piece is made carefully using the finest raw materials, which make each of them last forever.

Our collections are made in small batches. They are designed to complete your outfits for seasons and years and will be available much more than a single season. Unlike many fashion brands, we don’t follow the fashion calendar, but our own one.

Under the slogan “Less is better”, we promote the “SLOW FASHION” and the conscious and responsible purchase.


At BOUSIINNE we want to protect both the planet and its people, following the “SLOW FASHION” philosophy. Here are just few ways we’re committed to sustainable fashion:


Each BOUSIINNE piece is handmade in Spain using age-old techniques that have been handed down through generations of highly skilled artisan.

We work with multi-generational artisan factories in Spain who share the same values as us.


Quality is essential at BOUSIINNE. In order to guarantee it, all our pieces follow a carefull production process and are made using the finest raw materials. In addition, we work closely with our team of artisan and supliers in Spain.



We believe in making only what is needed. Unlike many fast fashion brands, all our collections are made in small batches in order to avoid massive productions and its dead stock. This way, we promote the responsible and conscious purchase but especially the one made with the whole heart.


We use raw materials that have minimal impact on the environment, like leather, wicker and cotton. Moreover, we reuse and recycle wherever possible. We use every single piece of material in order to reduce waste.

“BOUSIINNE is the result of hard work, desire, excitement and love. BOUSIINNE is a feeling, a memory and dreams.
It is the Mediterranean. It is Spain and its craftsmanship. It is security and strength.
We believe that rules are made to be broken.
At BOUSIINNE we want to share our positive energy following you in your daily adventures, wherever you are, whatever you do. We want you to wear your handbag all day, every day, season after season.
BOUSIINNE is for real, unique and special women. BOUSIINNE is for you.”

Adriana PB